wardsbd , Saturday 18th May, 2024 7:25PM

Between 2900m and 2650m there was 20 cm of dry powder on a good melt freeze crust bonding decently, with some areas of soft wind slab. There were north winds yesterday and moderate south/ sw winds today. Between 2650m and 2450 found placitcy powder that required some force to turn. Below 2450m found 5 cm of new snow over a weak crust over iosthermic snow, moist schmoo but supportive and fast all the way to the car. Went up and down the Robertson glacier. A couple different bear tracks from this morning big and small near the parking lot. Lower and upper glacier had 250 cm of snow plus but middle section had between 50cm and 100 cm. Contivetive flurries around noon. And after 3pm kept the alpine below zero with minimal solar input. No new avalanches but lots of wet slabs from last weekend.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN