Pigs in Heat


wardsbd , Thursday 22nd February, 2024 5:20PM

Skied the north facing col east of Commonwealth peak. Long wanted to ski here but in previous seasons the cornice was to large and over hanging. This year the cornice is small. There is 150cm of snow in the guts. The winds blew over night and we found 3 to 10 cm winds slabs that sits on near surface facets over the crust. The wind slab was giving easy hand shears but didn't feel reactive. If you hunted around you could find areas were the snow was soft. For our second run headed out the normal exit for commonwealth circuit but I couldn't find any soft snow. It was all wind slab. Most of the lookers right side to the Commonwealth-Pig Tail col was full of avalanche debris. Exit gully was straightforward.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN