Burstall Pass Peak


Skied Burstall Pass Peak today, broke trail the whole way with an average ski pen of 15cm, up to 25 where it was loaded at TL. Clouds were broken with light to moderate NW winds. Fresh windslabs all over the alpine. We saw one natural size 1.5 cornice failure that pulled a slab near the pass on a NE facing feature at the top of TL. 50m wide, ran 20. Whilst skiing off the summit I cut a 1.5 windslab with wide prolongation but ran very sluggish. 60m wide, up to 30cm deep, ran 40. Also got some cracking up to 2m off the ski on loaded test slopes at TL. Otherwise skiing was good in the alpine and really good at TL in sheltered zones.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN