Trees giveth, Martens taketh away

North Rockies

esarhawkins , Sunday 3rd March, 2024 4:40PM

Spent the last four days around Red Mtn cabin. We anticipated widespread instability, but found surprisingly stable conditions with less developed and persisting surface hoar than expected. We skied mellow alpine slopes and slowly pushed into steeper (up to low 40 degs) treed lines, using small test slopes with low consequence to cautiously assess our terrain choices. Late Jan crust was breaking down at treeline, but is still hard with sugary facets above in the alpine. Locally, seems the snowpack is giving us a lower likelihood, but high consequence avy problem that we managed with careful terrain selection and good group management habits. Even a couple pesky martens couldn't stop us from having a blast skiing endless powder runs! With a little discipline, there are some goods to be had out there!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN