Stanley North Face - Kahl Route

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

stephenalwast , Sunday 23rd May, 2021 9:00AM


Unfortunately my first avalanche involvement and MIN today. Busy day on the Kahl route with maybe 20 people. Our group was within 60m of the summit of the Kahl route (NE) on a beautiful day when another skier aggressively entered the upper convex roll and made a large powder turn, generating a significant amount of sluff which hit our group. Most were able to get partially out of the way although losing equipment (e.g. poles) while I was holding up the rear and was hit by the full force of the slide. Although I quickly moved into self arrest position, this impact uprooted and carried me down the slope. A tumbling fall involved lost skies, poles and probe on my end, arriving at the bottom of the slope with several injuries but luckily on top of the snow. Although the original skiers behavior was unacceptable, several other bystanders helped probe for my lost gear - thank you! Lesson learned today is that bad actors exist in the backcountry and you should be somewhat acquainted with any group sharing a dangerous slope with you. Also if you are skiing around others, communication is key and caution around typical terrain features should be elevated when others are involved.


Skier generated sluff on a convex roll @ 10am. Starting as loose dry and entraining additional mass moving down the slope. Slide stopped on glacial bench at slope base.