Kananaskis Country

Ben Wards , Saturday 4th May, 2019 4:30PM

Climbed up and then skied down the Robertson Glacier today. Didn't want to deal with the south facing route up to the col. It was +1 C at the parking lot at 6:30am and +7 at 2pm when we finished. The skin track in the morning was a bit rough from hikers snowshoers and bear tracks. Bear tracks were seen 3km from the parking lot from a big bear. Tough trail breaking up the glacier on styrofoam snow down low and soft wind slab up high. Felt some hollow sounding wind labs skiers right on a steeper pitch near the top. Skiing was generally poor but vis was ok!

Snow conditions were: Wet, Wind affected. We rode: Alpine slopes. We avoided: Convex slopes.


50.72756000 -115.32765000


Source: Avalanche Canada MIN