Onion treeline

Northwest Inland

Aaron Trowbridge , Saturday 30th November, 2019 8:55PM

Fitness snowshoe up to treeline nob above sled road at little onion. Classic very shallow Babine snowpack. 15 to 35cm. Exposed Solar aspects had no basal melt/freeze snow, just 20cm of faceted snow from last Fri storm over ground. Northerly and sheltered aspects had residual temp and rain effected ~20 cm base with faceted storm snow over. Extensive and large surface hoar development. Lee of outflow winds had shallow and reactive micro hardslab deposits (see photo). I've seen several times how little it takes for outflow deposits to produce meaningful slides at treeline in the babines.


54.80109918 -126.87357602

Onion treeline

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN