Wawa Ridge


Fun laps of Wawa bowl. The snow was variable. Ski pen during skinning varied 0cm to 40cm and the skiing was equally variable. Dug a pit before the bowl, full results in the "Snowpack" tab.


Snowpit. E-SE aspect. 2400m. Slope angle 32deg. HS 110cm. CTV (SP) down 5cm. Windslab sliding on windslab. We did shovel-shear tests to see the extent of this problem. Some spots showed no reaction, others showed propogation (~ 1m wide fractures) the moment we pulled on the shovel. We were probably finding pockets of poorly bonded windslabs... CTM13 (SP) down 45cm on facets/decomposing crust. We did a shovel shear on another column 2m away and confirmed that this layer is reactive. CTM18 (SC) down 70cm on facets/decomposing crust. The collapse was clear as day, but we could not get our column to slide, so no other tests for this layer.


Broken clouds in the AM, and the snow arrived around 2pm as forecast. Mild westerly winds all day


51.09064000 -115.79544100

Wawa Ridge

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN