Cornice/Buzz’s Ridge

Kootenay Boundary

Miles Kenyon-Slaney , Wednesday 11th March, 2020 10:25PM


Pit dug at 1700m on a NE slope. 3 clear layers: ECTP2-15cm, surface hoar (storm snow) ECTP13-30cm, surface hoar (March 7th layer?) ECTP29-45cm, surface hoar (Feb 22nd PS layer?) Touchier than expected...


Cornice Ridge N/NE. 1st skier triggered a slab that ran below him, and seemed to run on the March 11th storm snow (crown depth 20-25cm), but might have stepped down to the March 7th layer. Ran for 70m and was 30m wide. Seemed to be a surface hoar layer. Convex, open trees, 30-35 degree slope, slightly wind loaded.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN