Cold smoke ❄️❄️

South Rockies

southrockies , Monday 20th December, 2021 4:30PM

Cold but beautiful day up Koko claims. We travelled up a SE facing ridge above Mear lake keeping to the lowest angle slope to minimize our exposure to avalanche terrain. We didn't feel any whumpfing or see any shooting cracks but since there is a persistent slab problem we dug down to investigate and found in this location it wasn't a problem. We gave ourselves a good margin for error and enjoyed some amazing turns down a steeper slope back to our sleds. No wind at treeline today but we could see blowing snow from different directions in the alpine that looked to just be going back into the atmosphere not landing on the slope.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Cold. We rode: Dense trees, Mellow slopes, Open trees. Riding quality was amazing.