Christmas in April


Demonic Pancake , Wednesday 10th April, 2024 7:15PM

Lots of new snow yesterday in Rogers Pass and amazing ski in the alpine. We skied Christmas couloir today on the bed surface. It was a mix of soft refresh (10cm) snow over bed surface, soft, creamy and moist bed surface, and soft debris from yesterday's avalanche (see tab for details). Think fast and ideal groomer conditions :D We stomped 2 massive whumpfs on the moraines on the way to xmas, that echoed far and deep, but we didn't see any activity today. We some saw evidence of small skier triggered dry loose today from other parties (sz1.5 or considerable sluffing in STS ) Cheops north looked amazing and all the classics where skies. Some sluff was kicked down STS, no wide propagation. The snow was still cold and light on north aspects, but there was a crust down in Connaught at the end of the day and snow was getting slushy close to the highway.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN