More St Cyr!

North Columbia

Demonic Pancake , Sunday 3rd March, 2024 7:40PM

St Cyr repeat an refresh. About 20cm to 30cm of light snow came down last night (@1500m) The sun showed up a few times and we could feel its glory! It was strong at times, but temperature stayed cool. That also affected the snow which feels like it compacted and settled quite a bit in a only a few hours. No signs of wind. We had some concerns about the terrain trap and the overhead hazard from Sail mountain (south facing and tree line / alpine start zones) a cross the valley. Especially when the sun was out. No instabilities observed. Minimal sluffing, mainly in the morning. And some lightweight tree bombs. There were some tiny crown lines on sail that looked like last night's storm snow not bounding and resulting in sluff. Also some small point releases from rocky terrain that didn't go very far late in the afternoon. The exit was nicer than yesterday with some extra optimism and a dusting of snow. Sadly, we didn't see the globins emerge from the snow, but we appreciated following the tracks out. And I still walked the last bit. 🧗

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN