Jimmy Simpson Face

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

navid.nourian , Tuesday 3rd December, 2019 9:15PM


Observed evidence of strong winds out of the NW (moving down the valley). Most NW aspects were scoured down to ground, and hard wind features just adjacent. The features were up to 30cm high. Did a few hasty pits as I was crossing the E-NE slope at 2400m. Approx 35deg slope. Found 10-15cm of windslab on the surface. Below that was at least 60cm of facets. I didn't dig deeper, and I didn't try to judge the cohesion between the slab and underlying facets, sorry. The cold clear nights and the shaded aspect have really weakened the base here. I won't be rushing onto this slope (or similar slopes) after the next dump.


-20C at the car in the morning with steady warming throughout the day (not solar related, we spent the whole day in the shade). Clear skies all day. No winds.


51.70016000 -116.49743000

Jimmy Simpson Face

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN