Kootenay Pass - Lower Baldy Face (East)

Kootenay Boundary

Extended-QueefTest , Saturday 1st January, 2022 9:05PM


Photo from 38 degree road side berm. Quick hand pit to try and find latest storm interface and lower Dec 4 crust complex Full test pit completed at 1880 m on a tree’d aspect below Baldy Face, East face. Basically the shoulder before full summit. HS was 175 cm Column test yielded medium results in the upper storm snow, rough planar break. CTM down 35 cm. Extended column test had no results beyond rough planar fractures in the storm snow. A planar break occurred down 69 cm (hard result) without propagating across the block. We did a “fake” Rutschblock and just stomped the clean snow above the pit before departing and were able to get a sudden planar break on the Dec 4 crust complex. It is down 105cm and 15 cm thick. Nasty facets surrounding it.