Tecumseh wind slab

South Rockies

Ian , Tuesday 16th February, 2021 9:50AM


We toured up from the XC area into the northeast facing Tecumseh bowl climbing up soft snow reaching the alpine part where the snow changed to wind affected snow. While Trail breaking in the alpine we were breaking through a top layer but there were no shooting cracks or whumpfing sounds. The entire alpine bowl was wind affected and unpleasant to ski. On the way out we came to a steep east facing convex slope and retracted by traversing to more mellow terrain. While traversing we triggered a slab avalanche that carried one of us over a small cliff and onto the gentle bowl below. The crown was 50-60cm deep and pulled back 10m above. We were surprised how far back it fractured and how gentle the slope was were we triggered the slide. Fortunately no one was hurt and all equipment was recovered making the ski out easy although very somber.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN