Steep Creek Steep Slough

South Coast Inland

blogan7420 , Sunday 14th February, 2021 8:35AM

Rode 3 steep lines: NW facing, W facing, and E facing. Terrain above 40deg was sloughing pretty good. Noticed one crown on W facing slopes above Darkside Lake: 30cm deep, 20m across. Didn't notice any examples of hard slabs, save for a 3cm wind slab near ridge crest. Overall it seems this region has received significantly less wind than the Sea to Sky, and with the cold temperatures pulling all heat from the pack, the snow is magical.

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cold, Cloudy. We rode: Alpine slopes, Convex slopes, Steep slopes, Open trees. Riding quality was amazing.

Avalache Conditions: Slab avalanches today or yesterday.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN