Goat Horn HBM

Northwest Inland

geoffbirch , Friday 26th April, 2019 12:15AM

The sun was hiding behind clouds in early afternoon which kept temps freezing in the alpine. Above 2000m it was cold & snowing...like winter. Below Treeline (~1500m) it was slightly above zero but the snow wasn't wet or sticky, since the sun only poked out once in a while for very brief periods. A few cms of new snow on top of a crust has been blown around by the wind in the alpine, though the winds today were mostly calm to light, with occasional gusts from the W bringing squalls of snow. Where the snow has deposited in lee terrain features there were smooth-silky turns to be had on East-to-South aspects. Lots of rocks everywhere but in the hearts of gulleys, couloirs, & basins things looked good. No recent avalanche activity observed. It wasn't corn snow but it was good to experience wintry weather at the end of April and ski later in the day...

Riding quality was good.


54.79361000 -127.30609000

Goat Horn HBM

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN