Humbled on Corbin peak

North Columbia

sebgrondinl , Wednesday 10th February, 2021 6:20PM


On our approach to Corbin peak, we wrapped around the south ridge to climb the west face. After a quick assessment, we climbed the w face. As we got near ridge top I was the last person of the group. I triggered a size 2.5. Ran about 600m, was 100m wide and 40-60 cm deep over parts of our skin track. Luckily, I just dropped on the bed surface and watched the show... We then proceeded to reach the ridge as we were feeling better about skiing down then walking back on similar aspects. First boarder ski cut a size 3 100m down from the summit. 150m wide and 800m long down 40cm, no involvement. So we enjoyed some bed surface and debris shredding. We didn't feel too comfortable assessing the crown lines but would suspect the Jan 24/26 interface to be the culprit. Both bed surface had crust and appeared facetted. Play safe out there, might not be all open season right now.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN