Canyon creek and t3


Alexandre Martinea , Wednesday 30th December, 2020 6:05PM


Went touring behind t1 in canyon creek, we ve stick to conservative line in the alpine section then hit the treeline section quick enough,we triggered a small size 1 50cm down on a sun crust in a small open area in the treeline on south west aspect. The crown was above the rider when the avalanche triggered. No one was injured. We later skinned up and found a similar aspect where we dig a snowpit. Did an extended column test the layer slid planar at 50cm deep at 10x hand tap, again on the same suncrust. Same result on a regular snow pit column. We then decided to go play with some windslab and cornice up t3 shoulder. Windslab and shooting crack on the first third of the descent, t4 headwall almost completely slid several days ago and the whole bowl down is fully filled in avy debries.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN