Kokanee Glacier

South Columbia

Avalog Forecaster , Thursday 12th March, 2020 6:45AM

Strong flurries in the morning brought new snow totals to roughly 50 cm, but by midday the powder was heavily affected by blowing snow, tree bombs, and a rapidly forming sun crust. There was evidence of slab and loose avalanches running in the new snow in alpine terrain and in long avalanche paths. We could also break off small slabs by jumping on convex rolls. We found the Feb 22 surface hoar layer buried 115 cm deep and showing signs of reactivity in our tests so this weak layer was definitely a factor in our decision making.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Wind affected, Powder. We rode: Open trees. Riding quality was good.

Avalache Conditions: 30cm + of new snow, or significant drifitng, or rain in the last 48 hours. Slab avalanches today or yesterday.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN