Kindergarten couloir

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

Meshwell Boschmann , Saturday 16th November, 2019 8:30PM

Size 2.5 natural avalanche likely during the last big weather pulse (November 10-11). Couloir was filled with >1.5 m of progressively denser debris covered by a few centimeters of fresh snow. The fan of the Kindergarten proper had a deep gouge down the middle but the skiers left side held great, albeit spooky turns on 20 cm + of settling powder, resting on a 5-10 cm rain crust, with 10 cm of settled snow underneath, all that overlying 10 cm of facets and hollow space. More load and/or the breaking down of the thick crust will likely result in an avalanche cycle on these fans.

Snow conditions were: Powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Alpine slopes, Steep slopes. We avoided: Sunny slopes. Riding quality was good.


51.25116898 -116.07403990

Kindergarten couloir

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN