N Whymper cool

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

kirstinkb , Sunday 25th April, 2021 5:00PM

Excellent ski conditions at N whymper today. Approximately 25cm low density snow over crust. Light precipitation all day, light winds at the col. Spindrift observed off cliffs all morning. We skied lookers right side which had significant loading from said spindrift. Near miss in which my partner and I skied down one by one, regrouping under the rock outcropping. My partner began skiing the remainder of the run and a party of 4 skied down on top of us, sending significant sluff down both skiers left and skiers right sides of the rock outcrop. I was able to warn my partner and she was able to stop in a (relatively) protected spot while the sluff ran by to her left, we waited for the group to all finish the run, and continued to the bottom one by one. Just a reminder that we are all responsible for helping keep each other safe out there; never hurts to give people a few extra minutes to get down safely.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Steep slopes. Riding quality was amazing.