Summit Creek


yukongonda , Monday 20th December, 2021 9:35AM

Ventured into some south facing terrain near Summit Creek to try and feel some warmth from the sun. Observed some debris from some recent small size 1 shallow avalanches from steep south facing rocky terrain which only failed as deep as the recent 5cm snow fall in wind loaded areas. Based on seeing no other signs of instability, but knowing that this is an early season snowpack and not wanting to trust shallow or thick to thin areas we decided to venture into some steeper terrain while trying to stay on well supported slopes and moving between islands of safety. And also knowing that the sun did not seem to have enough power to create a warming effect on this south slope. We generally found preserved powder overtop of a thick slab consisting of various layers of windslab/ old hard pressed snow overtop of basal facets. We did observe one small isolated settlement at a around 1200m but overall it seemed that in well supported/thick snow areas the varying levels of old windslab/ hard pressed snow were not reactive. However, we did find/avoided a few isolated pockets of thinner windslab overtop of basal facets which felt really spooky and not trustworthy. Overall a great day out and amazing to ski in the sun and no wind at this time of year.