Ripe cornices, mushrooms and Avalanche

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

mountainlifer , Monday 22nd March, 2021 7:35PM


The trigger was likely a small cornice chuck that entrained snow from a ramp. One person was knocked off their stance while boot packing. Tumbling about 150-200m down the couloir, stopping on the surface, no injuries, poles lost. Skis had been torn off pack and on the surface. There was some space between party members that meant only 1 person was caught. Helmet was of great value as some hard surfaces where encountered during the fall. We feel the sun likely had a stronger effect then the clouds and temperatures we experienced. There are still lots of hanging mushrooms and cornices in these features, some you can see many you cannot. Humbled as always by these type of features and appreciate no one was seriously injured.