DogTooth Range


bcmtnguides , Wednesday 18th November, 2020 4:20PM


HS-85 0cm-25cm =4F 25cm-35cm= 4F+ 35cm-37cm= decomposing crust 37cm-85cm= facets. CTE1 (SP) down 25 on 3mm +( well preserved stellar crystals) CTE2 (RP) down 35 on 1.5mm facets ( sitting above crust to act as failure layer) The facets above the Nov 5th crust seem to look like they are rounding and the crust was weak and very breakable at that particular spot.


Warmer temperatures and warm southerly winds have created soft slabs in the sow pack from the surface down to the Nov 5th crust.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN