Snow conditions

Coquihalla / Needle Pk. area South Coast Inland

Paul Berntsen , Wednesday 3rd February, 2021 7:20PM

This morning dawned with clear skies and no wind. A ski up to the Needle Pk area revealed surface hoar to 1cm in treeline sheltered areas on top of 8-10cm of (Fist Hardness). Light snow. This, overlaying the past days of storm snow of 40-60cm. Temp: -5 Winds calm. Clouds developed along some ridge-lines into the mid-day,

Higher up on north facing open bowls, the snow surface was lightly pressed by wind last night, Still OK skiing, with variable ski pen. The best skiing was a band around treeline. where the ski pen was consistant around 25-30 cms. The final tree-band down to the highway was terrible, frozen lumps and breakable crust!

Over on Flat Iron, A recent deep-freezer sized cornice chunk fell onto a 35-40° planer slope and stopped. No recent avalanches just a few small loose on the south face of Yak across the valley. No settlements were felt, the storm snow appeared to be bonding to the mid-pack. Having said that, there is a lot of recent storm snow that still needs to settle. We skied and skinned on conservative terrain without overhead hazard, it's a little bit spooky so soon after the storm!

Source: Mountain Conditions