Ice - Rundle slopes

Grant P

Just an observation from the highway and mostly relevant to ice climbers heading to routes along the NE side of Rundle. e.g. The Professor Falls, Sacre Bleu, etc. Viewed from west of Banff, the long slopes on the SW side of Rundle seem to have been scoured clean of a lot of the storm snow. Its new address looks to be the bowls and gullies on the NE side of Rundle. You may not be able to see all thats above you from climbs on that side but be aware there certainly are accumulations up there. Evaluate accordingly. Worth noting that some similar aspects were also scoured clean further east beyond Canmore such as Pigeon and Grotto Mtns. Stability of those recently loaded gullies is unknown from a car doing 90kmh.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN