Buchanan Peak Pow Corn Combo

Waterton Lakes National Park

dzskiz , Wednesday 30th March, 2022 9:45AM

Great overnight freeze and 5cm fresh. Thick crust (crampons used) in thick areas on W aspect in the AM, penetrable where heat fingers exist (thin rocky areas). Observed some old wet debris and pinwheeling on solar aspects, but less then expected. Still lots of smooth snow to be had. Observed one old slab avalanche out of an extreme north aspect. Went full blue at 1PM we waited for corn to ripen on a steep SE face, dropped in shortly after 2PM with the 5cm fresh going moist and the crust softening. Quiet day in these mountains wind and avalanche wise. Crust was still solid in the shade all the way to townsite @1300m at 4:30PM. Still decent low elevation coverage for this area, only took skis off once for 10 steps whilst skiing to town.