Burstall pass


sheabecker11 , Tuesday 12th March, 2024 9:00PM

Good day out at Burstall Pass. Kept pretty conservative in our decision making sticking to mellower slopes and keeping our exposure as close to none as possible. Nonetheless, we followed our track back down and where to get few turns here and there in the trees and it turned out to be pleasant trip out
surprisingly our CT only yielded a uneven break approx. 35 cm down at 26. Also did an ECT which yielded no results, however, I was able to get it to get a planar break on Feb 2 crust that slid fairly easily when I tore down the column. Definitely think in areas where this layer is closer to the surface or is more faceted it could be much more sensitive as the forecasts suggest Observed some whumpfing/cracking in isolated areas at treeline but it didn't seem to be super wide spread in the areas we traveled

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN