Burstall pass


Your spelling and grammar seem generally correct, but here are a few suggestions for clarity and style: "Went up to Burstall Meadows area today. We were trying to avoid anything steep, eventually climbing up to the steeper 'hump' on the right side of Burstall Pass, which looks like the very left side of the mountain. One skier climbed up with zero problems; the snow felt super dense, almost icy, topping out to the rocks. Two more skiers heard a dull noise and triggered a small avalanche. Approximately a 40m square area broke 1m deep, taking them down and stopping. They were safe on top and walked away unharmed. The last skier skied down from the top also fine. Eventually, we realized we remotely triggered an easily size two avalanche on the whole mountain. Nobody in the valley was seen in the area at the moment. However, we skied down around the debris and had our avalanche beacons in search mode with zero results. Eventually, we checked in the parking lot, making sure all parties are down and safe."

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN