Throne Mtn North Ccouloir

Jasper National Park

Luke Seed , Monday 8th April, 2019 7:55AM

Spent 3 days camped in the Tonquin Valley. Overnight Temps Thursday night I would guess were just below 0. Overnight recovery on open slopes but breaking through in the trees. Couloir Fans are very faceted and definitely the most difficult hazard to manage right now for accessing big lines. Skied N Couloir Throne Mtn, Used tree'd windlip to access the lower couloir avoiding the open slopes of the fan on ascent. Hugged rocks entering Couloir untill we hit where it had been sluffing regularly all season. Had a solid Midpack from that point on Untill Last 30M of couloir where there was some dense storm slab over facets and rocks so we turned around there. Excellent riding quality with just normal sluffing. Skiing down we made a few turns in the fan and recieved a large settlement that sent us running back to lower angled terrain to get back to our camp. Went for another Line on Friday but strong winds and loading had us head back to jasper Saturday afternoon. Isothermal snow below 1400m at 2pm.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Cloudy. We rode: Alpine slopes, Steep slopes. Riding quality was amazing.


52.67372000 -118.15495000

Throne Mtn North Ccouloir

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN