Allan Creek Valemount BC


Frozen Pirate , Thursday 29th October, 2020 4:00PM

Some wsl in open terrain. moist snow all elevations 55cm at 1950m

Snow conditions were: Wet. Weather conditions were: Warm, Foggy, Cloudy. We rode: Mellow slopes. Riding quality was ok.


Quick on 25 deg north west aspect near the Allan Shelter. Moist snow throughout snowpack 4f wsl top 18cm No hand or shovel shears but did get repeatable sudden collapse results in a compression test. High end of moderate 18cm down on what looked like decomposing surface hoar. The layer was visible with the eye and needed some investigation. Ill keep watching for this one as it takes more load for sure but the warm temps (0 degrees at 1990m) will help.


Notes taken at 1950m 1330hrs

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN