Blue skies and wind effected snow


Yukon Field Team , Tuesday 28th December, 2021 8:45PM

We caught the clear calm weather and made a short tour in lower south facing slopes of Fraser Chutes. The creek access has even more open holes than the last time we were out here. We saw obvious wind effect up high in the alpine where snow has been moved around and sculpted. It looks like the wind got into treeline areas too. snowpack is settling and we found a few spots where we sunk right to ground if we stepped off our skiis. We did manage to dig around a bit, see the snowpack tab for more detail.

Snow conditions were: Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Sunny. We rode: Open trees, Sunny slopes. We avoided: Convex slopes, Steep slopes. Riding quality was ok.


There is 60 cm of sugary facets at the bottom of the snowpack and some old crust can be found 25 cm from the ground.