Gypsum ridge area


Moist for January snowpack below 1800m in this region today. Almost needed skin wax up tracking off established trail. Slightly above zero degrees all day. Light flurries briefly in the afternoon. Winds were nil BTL in this region today. Dug into the snow at 2200m east aspect in open terrain. HS140. Crust complex down 90cms. CTM12 NP in the 10cm layer of 2mm facets sitting on this crusty bit. Larger facets just below the crusty complex but no depth hoar on the ground. Seems like last week’s storm snow has settled to about 20cms of F to 4f on the surface. Dense mid pack down to the crusty bit. No sign of windslab BTL and no natural avalanches observed. SP 20. FP 50 and worse in weak spots affected by rapidly warming pack below 1800m