Backside @ Tunnel Creek

Lizard Range and Flathead

BlobbyO , Sunday 14th February, 2021 2:05PM

Riding quality was ok.


Short lived ski on Backside run in the Tunnel Creek area. We noticed a fairly fresh N facing natural avalanche in an open patch and opted to move further along the ridge and ski the dense trees. Unfortunately about 2-3 turns into the slope a small avalanche slab broke around me. Fortunately I was in a dense set of trees so while the avalanche swept past I got hung up. 40cm deep, about 10m wide and I'm guessing it ran the 100m run length but not sure. Photo shows the start zone, dense trees and my short bootpack back out. After that we skied HomeRun which was an underwhelming mix of some sun affected snow, decent powder and some crust lower down in alder land. We started early but there was 3-4 sets of groups coming up as we were heading out at 11:30ish.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN