Sugarbowl sk.. hike.

North Rockies

esarhawkins , Sunday 21st November, 2021 8:00AM

Early season conditioning tour up Sugarbowl. Attempted to skin from the parking lot but pretty shortly ended up booting until about 1500 m. Snow depth up top was around 75 cm, leaving lots of brush exposed. Skiing was... bushwacky, but the snow quality up high was fine. It alternated between freezing rain and snow during the day, with temps dropping slightly over the day. Quick CT gave no results, seems to be pretty good bonding with the crust down 40 cm. More pit info in snowpack section.

Snow conditions were: Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Foggy. We rode: Dense trees. Riding quality was ok.


Pit at 1650 m N aspect, -3.5C with mild winds and light snow. HS 75 cm Surface had a 0.5-1 cm wind crust that started showing up above 1500 m. 0-40 cm down: Fist, decomposing fragments 40-55 cm down: melt freeze crust interface with variable hardness pencil to 4F 55cm to ground: Fist in rounded grains.