Average skiing but amazing compared to other reports

Todd Mansfield

This report is for the Purcells. We aren't sharing our spots. So we found good skiing but we recommend sheltered north aspects or ne aspects. There is 2-4cm wind crust on unprotected nw, n, west aspects. Probably need an engine of some sorts to get you far from everyone else. Need to get above 2000m and best above 2200m. Skiing is good ne from 2250m+. We recommend ski crampons below 2000m as it is pure facets on top of the melt freeze crust and putting a skin track in is terrible. 1750m to 1950m souths were terrible to walk up. Skiing down wasn't actually bad, it was the coming up from 1750 to 2000 that sucked. Almost time for a beach vacation but we ski'd pow.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN