Lots of dust on lots of crust


MWerner , Friday 22nd March, 2024 8:15AM

Snow / heavy snow throughout the day with total HSS approximately 30cm at 4pm. Bonding okay to the crust but the beginnings of some slab cohesion noted at the end of the day. Speaking of the crust, it is indeed bulletproof on solar aspects. Walked around to a NE aspect and couldn’t find any solar crust at tree-line (2400m elevation) which raised my concern of the Feb 2nd crust. Heard numerous avalanches off of the steep terrain of MTs Warspite and Black Prince, but couldn’t see due to low vis. Avalanches occurred right after an intense period of snowfall that dropped about 10cm in an hour. Heads up - skiers right slide path off the main tree triangle went full path during the heat wave - see crown in pictures. Not recommended at this time.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN