It takes a lot of snow to bury a crust.

North Rockies

northrockiesfieldteam , Tuesday 27th February, 2024 5:40PM

It takes a lot of snow to cover a crust. There is now 30 cm of new snow which has brought up the avalanche hazard at Bijoux but the crust from early February is still having a stark effect on riding conditions. Today’s cold temperatures have kept the new snow soft and fluffy meaning that the hard, old surface of the crust is still felt on the skis and washed out the tracks from time to time. Under the new snow sits a layer of reactive surface hoar over old snow as well as facets directly over the crust which sent out cracks as we rode around. Previous northerly winds have had shifted snow along ridges and in large openings with the best riding in sheltered areas or along the edge of the trees.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN