brunchers bash


yeehawboy , Monday 25th March, 2024 11:00PM

afternoon delight in STS! beautiful sunny day for a burn to see the polar potential. rewarded respectably. crampons are a treat on the solar uptracks. highly recommend. chopped a notch in the cornice. it’s mondo. & overhung. the plumb line is re-opened. 20m rap from the anchor to designated safe spot. 1 wt skis on/ 1 wt skis off. pick your poison. previous party of three opted for the ridge rappel side entrance. choose your own adventure. top 2/3’s of couloir is in fine spring form. perfect combo of wind transported sugar on top of a very supportive edge-able chalk (4F-1F). slough is moving in the steeper pitches. no slab cohesion noted. bottom of line is refreeze chunder & sun affected assortment of crusts. ultimately, very manageable. pretty darn good condition, all things considered!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN