Convective flurries adding up to great skiing

Ski Conditions report for Glacier National Park Glacier National Park

Darek Glowacki , Thursday 11th March, 2021 4:45PM

The ACMG Training and Assessment Program conducted a 3 day module of the Apprentice Ski Guide Exam in Glacier National Park between March 8th to 10th.

We made the following observations:


Clear skies on Monday, Tuesday and convective flurries throughout the day Wednesday. FZL between 1300 and 1000m. Temps between 1.8 to -15°C. S-SW Wind direction. Light winds Monday and increasing throughout the day Tuesday and continuing overnight (Moderate to Strong)

Trips Travelled:

Illecillewaet Glacier to North Terminal Peak, down Perley Rock.
Asulkan to Sapphire col to Thorington Route via the SW side of Jupiter group.
Bonney Glacier and moraines.
Hermit to Mt. Rogers to Tupper Traverse
Lily to Dome Traverse
Illecillewaet Glacier to Ravens

Avalanche Activity Summary:

We observed minimal avalanche activity during our exam. On Wednesday, soft windslabs were reacting to skier traffic in specific Lee terrain to size 1. (Illecillewaet ~2550m)
Solar input caused natural loose wet activity on Monday and Tuesday out of extreme terrain to size 2.
The only notable avalanche was a size 2.5 icefall off the Asulkan Glacier. This did not trigger a slab, but entrained the storm snow and ran far. We also noted a couple recent cornice failures from a distance.

Conditions Summary:

In areas travelled we encountered excellent skiing on high elevation north facing slopes. Specific alpine features had pressed snow from downflow winds. The 25cm of new snow tapers with elevation at treeline and below. The snow that was moist below 1600m has become a breakable crust with up to 10cm of low density snow on top.

Great time to be out in the mountains with great views and great ski conditions.

Apprentice Ski Guide Exam Candidates

Source: Mountain Conditions