Permagrin dreams

Northwest Coastal

lamontagne.yann , Monday 4th March, 2024 10:50PM

Multiple size two avalanches were observed in the distance, likely triggered by recent increased wind loading on the preserved surface hoar. The avalanches occurred on steep slopes, facing predominantly north, northeast and northwest aspects. Additionally, distinct "whumphing" sounds were heard and shooting cracks were seen on north and south aspects indicating unstable snowpack conditions and heightened avalanche risk. Last week heavy snowfall has added significant weight to the existing snowpack, increasing the potential for avalanches. Weak layers within the snowpack, such as buried surface hoar or faceted snow, combined with the additional load, have heightened instability. These conditions pose a significant risk of triggering avalanches, especially on steep slopes and convex terrain features ( no matter how small ). We remotly triggered a size 1,5 and a scary size 2 while skinning back up permagrim.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN