When life gives you crusts, make crust frisbees 🥏


AVCAN FORECASTER , Tuesday 16th April, 2024 4:50PM

We headed up to McMurdo Cabin and SIlent Pass today to get familiar with the area, and see how much new snow had accumulated over the crust. We saw one large (size 2) avalanche on a rocky, west facing alpine slope that looked like it had happened over the weekend while it was warm and sunny. We made it as high as 2250 m, above Silent Lake, where we found 5-10 cm of soft, fresh snow over a 5 cm crust. The wind was light from the southwest and didn't seem to be forming any fresh windslabs. We didn't have any avalanche concerns, but visibility was poor once we were out of the trees, and we didn't think we would get high enough to get above the crust and find good riding conditions, so we headed back to the cabin for a pleasant lunch and headed home.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN