Solar Avalanche Cycle today

King Creek, Kananaskis

Patrick Lindsay

Guided at King Creek today. The ice climbs are all still in good condition. The day warmed up to +6 Celsius, few clouds in the sky, moderate to strong west winds, and strong solar.

Avalanche observations:
-Just after 2pm while climbing above the far left gully ice route we witnessed an estimated size 2 loose wet avalanche roll over the cliffs further up the creek. See pic (we missed capturing the main blast).
-One the walk out numerous of the south facing slide paths slid during the day. See pics. The north facing slide paths have yet to release.
-All avalanches are assumed to be solar triggered.

-Rockfall was observed and heard throughout the day coming from mainly the south facing cliffs.

Felt like spring is on its way today!

Patrick Lindsay
Ridgeline Guiding Services

Source: Mountain Conditions