Ice - King Creek

Grant P

**Approach is good, all ice bridges intact. **Magic touch is smaller than usual for this point in the season. **Main Flow looking ok. **Righthand Cave Flow has just enough ice to climb with a bit of a mixed start. If you want to use screws make sure you bring your 10's. **Lefthand Cave Flow is good and fat with some wet ice down the right side. **Gully Flow is bulked out. There is even ice on the right hand side where it's normally rock. This is a little steeper and chandeliered so may not take screws well. **Overall the ice here is holding up really well. Most ice will protect fairly well. Really its still winter conditions so no hero ice yet. Expect to encounter a fair bit of fracturing and dinner plating. Especially on the bulges and as topping out the Gully Flow.


**The snow along the creek is stable and deep looking in patches but trail is well established and easy. **The side gullys are the main hazard sources to watch as you hike but currently seem fairly stable with no new activity noted between morning and leaving around noon. **South facing gullies seem to have melted most of the snow. Some olld debris at the bases. **North facing gullies are holding snow with little debris at the bases. A couple had visible older debris halfway up that did not run full path. **Of some surprise was a seemingly small south facing gully that had a fair accumulation of old debris at the base. It may have been enough to have buried a person, but notable because its not one of the usual gullies to have debris. Even the little ones bear watching.


Sub zero all morning. Cloudy first thing and clearing to sunny skies by mid day.