Mount Taylor Outing


Zee68 , Monday 23rd January, 2023 2:30PM

Variable snow was the name of the game. Frequent transitions from bullet proof crust (you could actually have bounced a tennis ball on it) to wind loaded snow. Wind loaded slopes made some nice skiing, we stuck to low angle slopes to take advantage of some of the nicer snow. Sun was out but it seemed to have a limited warming effect on the snow where we were. Some of the south facing slopes we skied or travelled over were seeing some effect (snow was getting heavier from being baked) but it was limited. Snow skied well due to limited sun effect. Did not see signs of instability.

Weather conditions were: Warm. We avoided: Steep slopes. Riding quality was ok.


Extremely variable across the day. Ranged from bullet proof crust to approx 5 cms ski penetration on wind oaded slopes.