Heros knob


TMNT , Friday 12th April, 2024 1:15PM

Not much to report but not many MINs lately so what the heck Up to 10cm on heros made for a decent smooth descent if not hitting old tracks or debris. Maybe 3-5cm most other areas. But surely the afternoon heat will dispose of all that Crust quality varied between locations, mostly fairly thick but lacking density or solidity, rather crumbly. This was before it started heading up proper. 150cm below tree triangle, bench varied 100-245, and got 150 again 10m below the col NA. Dug at the col, 95cm of solid pack sitting on garbage, only one notable less dense rounding layer down 35ish, but CTN No windslab except a little for only the top few metres of the col. That being said winds started picking up right after, moderate to occasionally strong while heading up Murray moraines. No vis on purple. Only minor vis on black prince col, didn't see debris but not 100% on that. Fair bit of debris both sides of heros descent, only a little room between. Some debris halfway down sweet 18. Anything SA had debris. Didn't take a good look at dogleg after, looked okay but no guarantees.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN