Ogden Shoulder

Little Yoho

adamrodrigues11 , Thursday 21st March, 2024 9:50PM

Got to the lake around 10am and found about 13cm dry powder snow from the last 24h. Aiming to ascend Ogden shoulder. The sun came out in force from about 10:15-noon and forced us to wait for cloud cover at the safety of the lake. We saw and heard at least 5 size 1-2 dry loose releases off of the Ogden wall while it was in direct sunlight. We ascended in the afternoon once the clouds remained consistently. The new snow on all S-E aspects was wet and had a surface breakable crust. N aspects held dry snow and did not show any melt freeze crust from the warm up earlier this week (>2100m). Saw a couple of point releases on steep solar aspects and another size 1.5 dry loose on Paget W slides (southern most one).

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN