Blue Lakes

Northwest Inland

trowbridge.a.s , Friday 24th December, 2021 9:30AM

Day trip up to the first Blue Lakes avalanche path. Good travel through the forest. Avy path below treeline to treeline was ~15cm ski pen very low density snow. No settlements. At treeline wind effect starts with alpine looking very wind effected, both previous outflow etched surfaces with more recent westerly scoured and cross loaded features. Two size 1.5 avalanches visible on NE aspects cross loaded from ~westerly winds, though both probably several days old. Older cornice fall debris visible at our skin transition though this looked to be several weeks old. We ascended and skied an avalanche path, and transitioned just at treeline avoiding wind affected/loaded slopes. Excellent ski quality below the wind effect. No wind, temp very slightly inverted above valley bottom.