Bow to yoho

Little Yoho

Jesse Aj Scotland , Thursday 31st December, 2020 3:25PM

Completed the bow to yoho traverse from the 28th to the 30th. Our group camped both nights, the huts are locked but the washrooms are open! Day 1: started at numtijah lodge parking at 9am in - 22. We broke trail after the canyon into the head wall. A quick pit showed a thin breakable crust(Dec 7th) 50cm down with the wind affected snow on top of it bonded well and supportive. A quick test pit received a cth23 br on the layer of concern. Hs was 100cm with the Nov 5th crust down 80cm. There was moderate transport from downslope winds in the canyon. And moderate to strong wind transport happening on ridge top from the nw and across the icefield. We probed 275cm on the bow glacier tongue up until the icefield. Icefield coverage averaged on the wapta side around 200cm low probes bieng around 160 highest 240cm. The yoho glacier had avg 200cm. We probed 220cm at our camp. Vis was okay snowed about 2cm over the day with wind transport being the one thing keeping vis low. Day2: woke up to clear skies and light wind from the north and a reset glacier with no previous days tracks visable. Was cold but we didn't take a temp. Cold enough I could not get into my ski boots. Warmed up significantly in the afternoon, happy for the inversion. We opted for a late start departing camp at 11:30. We took A right hand route on the collie icefall with average depth of around 220cm. Some obvious sags and holes but nothing note worthy. Up on the collie glacier we probed an average of 275cm. We descended the steep slope under the cliff to gain the ridge to the hut. At the steep slope down befor the hut the upper 25m must be walked as it is too thin and could pose a serious concern for an accident in the low coverage. The rest of the ski to the hut was great. We found the line down the guy slope you would ussualy use to ascend it. We didn't ski onto the glacier and stayed low on the skiers left to traverse the slopes into the lake. We made it into the trees above twin falls and set up camp for night 2. Day 3: woke up opted for another late start at 11:30am. Temp was - 16 at camp and - 12 back at the car. Snow lightly all day around s less then 1. The cold valley temps and moderate winds forecasted were not present with light south westerly winds on the way out. We exited the whales back summer trail avalanche path to the summer trail to Stanley Mitchel and skied out to laughing falls where we walked to road back to the car. Another group that was using the huts had broken trail for us in the early am. Seems the grooming on the road only went to the switch backs. And lots of tracks coming out of the usual exit for Mt field. No signs of instability on our travels. Not a single whoomf or crack. No signs of previous or old avalanches things seem to have been settling in our snow pack making for beautiful supportive powder skiing Conditions on all aspects. Conditions on the icefield for this time of year feel slightly ahead of the usual coverage.

Snow conditions were: Wind affected, Powder. Weather conditions were: Cold, Windy, Warm, Sunny. We rode: Alpine slopes, Mellow slopes, Convex slopes, Steep slopes, Sunny slopes. Riding quality was good.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN